War of the Immortals Private Server
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New content

Brand new items to blow your mind and unique features to challenge even the most commited players.

Active players

Server is filled with active strong players willing to give a hand anytime to a newcommer.

Helpful Staff

The leaders stand at your disposal to hear all of your problems, making sure to do their best in handling your chase.

Our Server

WOI Mortal - A unique, populated and active private server is waiting for you to make your mark. We are the only private server that will provide you with far more than what the Cult of the Wyrm patch offers. We have taken in content from the official Chinese servers and carefully merged it with our own. creating a whole new experience for our players. With new powerful armor sets, olympian pets, tripple bloodline systems and entirely new maps that houses powerful monsters and bosses, you will not be able to resist the urge to play. With a community discord channel open to the public, we have a closer relation to our playerbase than any other private server has before. You will always have a Game Master or even the Owners attention if you have a suggestion, question or even if you just want to friendly chat! Our ears and eyes are always open and we're constantly bringing in new edits and additions, often based upon suggestions and dreams of our playerbase. On WOI Mortal, you create your own game. So come on, click that register button! Just... DO IT!


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Zen every hour